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Supply Clergy

Parishes contact clergy members directly. Missions contact Keren Mondaca, 619-481-5454.

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Suggested rates for supply clergy:

$150 One principal service or major feast day with sermon
$50 Each additional service
$100 One service as celebrant only (no sermon)
$25 Each additional service
$75 Preaching only honorarium
$100 Weekday services with brief homily or celebrant only
$200 Funeral service with homily and funeral planning
Plus round-trip mileage, $0.58 per mile (2019 IRS mileage rate)

Retired Clergy

Many retired clergy are active in our diocese, often helping congregations as assisting or interim clergy, or in a variety of other ways. The chaplain to retired clergy in our diocese is Lillian Jarrett. Ms. Jarrett is in touch with and ministers to over 250 retired clergy in our diocese. Once or twice per year the group meets for fellowship, a Eucharist and to be with Bishop Susan. Oftentimes, old friends will find each other during these gatherings and the conversations flow.

To learn more, contact the Rev. Canon Allisyn Thomas.

License to Officiate application Church Pension Group - Retired Clergy

Music Resources

Clergy News

Clergy in the diocese receive a monthly email containing a letter from Bishop Susan and the latest diocesan news, leadership articles, clergy changes, death notices and training opportunities.

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