Online Voting Practice

We have improved on last year’s text voting with a more streamlined, secure voting method. Here are the instructions.

    1. Take out your smartphone or other web-enabled device (ie. something you use to connect to the Internet such as an iPhone, Android, tablet, a teenager, etc.)
    2. Open your web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.). Do not type in “www.” or “https://”
    3. Type in the URL/address bar: edsdvote.com 
    4. Click “Vote Now”
    5. Enter your unique voting ID number. (For practice, enter any four-digit number. Your real voting ID will be on the back of your name badge.)
    6. Make your selections by checking boxes on the online form.
    7. Review your answers before you hit “Submit.” Once you submit your answers, you cannot change them.
    8. Close the web page.
    9. Put your device away and see if your neighbor needs help.

Important Reminders

    • Text voting is for lay and clergy delegates only. If you are a visitor, you are not allowed to vote. You will not receive a unique voting ID.
    • Unique voting IDs will be printed on the back of your name badge that you pick up at registration. Your badge will identify you as a voting delegate.
    • Bring your smartphone or tablet to convention. Bring your charger too.

Online Voting Practice

Below is a sample ballot based on the current nominations. Please take a moment to practice voting online by going to: edsdvote.com and come to convention prepared to vote for your choices.

Read the nominees’ statements here

Secretary of Convention – Vote for 1

  1. Darryl Peralta
  2. Ruben Rodriguez

Disciplinary Board: Clergy – Vote for 1

  1. Anne Bridgers
  2. Doran Stambaugh

Disciplinary Board: Lay – vote for 1

  1. Daniel Crane
  2. Mary Ann Eckman

Diocesan Executive Council: Clergy – vote for 1

  1. Janine Schenone
  2. George Calvert

Diocesan Executive Council: Lay – vote for 2

  1. Grecia Rivas
  2. Jan Harrison Romerdahl
  3. Dawn Stary
  4. David Tremaine
  5. Chikako Tsukuda
  6. Andrew Waters
  7. Jennifer Whaley

Standing Committee: Clergy – vote for 1

  1. Brenda Sol

Standing Committee: Lay – vote for 1

  1. Stephen Turnbull
  2. Pete Casalegno
  3. Anthony Vanaria

Thank you for practicing online voting! Please remember to bring your smart phone or other web-enabled device to convention, and your charger. 

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