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We strive to build relationships with all Christian denominations and people of other faith traditions, as well as those who do not identify with a faith community, in order that we may promote peace, justice and love.  We have a ways we do this:

We build relationships.

We reach out in love.

We respect the dignity of every human being of every faith tradition, or no faith tradition.

We reflect on commonalities while recognizing and honoring our differences as we build trust.

We hope the resources offered here help you in your interfaith and ecumenical explorations. If you have questions, please contact our deputy for ecumenical relations, the Rev. Eleanor Ellsworth.

Update: September 27, 2018:

This week the Anglican and Roman Catholic shrines at Walsingham signed a covenant—along with Methodists and Orthodox Christians—including eight significant declarations. Learn more below:

A Covenant for Walsingham


The Signing of the Ecumenical Covenant


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