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Dear Parishioners,

The transition committee will carry out the charge of the vestry to initiate a self-study, create a parish profile, to work in conjunction with our diocesan liaison(s), and to recommend the final candidates for the new clergy leader of our church. The makeup of our committee will represent a breadth of personalities, gifts, leadership styles, and viewpoints, those who have open hearts and minds, and those who are committed to our community’s mission and vision. The transition committee will be commissioned into a confidential, covenantal relationship with the parish at an appointed service and supported by the corporate and private prayers of the congregation. It is the vestry’s canonical responsibility to call a new rector.

Transition Committee Application

St Paul Palm Springs Transition Committee Application Form
Which activity in the Transition Process interests you most (choose one or both):
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Can you commit to a process that may take 18 months to 2 years?
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